Our Atlanta Matchmaking Based Services


True Romance ATL is for people who want more than a blind date. We cater to men looking to make real connections with intelligent, beautiful women who share their values and interests.

Nobody Knows Men Like We Do

We limit our services to an exclusive, all-male clientele so that we can provide a more focused and personalized experience. The dating world has certain components that are unique to men. We set out to understand those challenges in order to better advocate on behalf of our clients.

Creme de la creme

We let women join our True Romance Affiliate program free of charge (with the exception of a paid background check). That way, we receive hundreds of dating profiles from smart, beautiful women. Our expert matchmakers carefully screen the profiles and select the best of the best to match with our members.

Personal Headhunting

Our completely customizable programs give you the option to date within our immediate affiliate network or through our exclusive headhunting program. Through this option we will scout specifically on your behalf to find the woman of your dreams.

Date Coaching

Let’s be honest, dating can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Our date coaches will help you realize the unique qualities that make you a desirable partner. They will show you how to tap into your emotional core so that you will be ready when we find your perfect match. And while date coaching can have profound effects on your non-dating life as well, our coaches will also teach you specific tactics to help you refine and hone your dating skills, including:

  • Projecting self-confidence
  • Flirting and reading body language
  • What to say and what never to say on a date
  • Attracting and keeping your partner
  • Avoiding heartbreakers and identifying bad fits
  • Overcoming body image issues

As you go through the matchmaking process, your goal should never be personal perfection, but rather the realization of the best version of yourself. It’s important to keep in mind that dating is a skill that can be learned with work and long-term coaching. However, for those looking for a less intensive course of action, we also offer coaching sessions by the hour. Please see our contact page for more information.

Image Consulting

In dating, as in other aspects of life, there is no substitute for a good first impression. It’s why expert speakers always begin with a joke and savvy businessmen always have a firm handshake. And when it comes to a date, it is imperative to project a positive self-image. Your appearance, behavior, and mannerisms should all serve to highlight your best qualities. Our experts will help you identify those qualities so that you’ll be able to not only act confident, but be confident. We offer several service options to kick your style into high gear.

Complete style makeover

We’ll start from scratch to give you a brand new look that is more you than you could have ever imagined.

Closet Critique

We’ll go through your existing wardrobe to create great pairings from what you already own. We’ll let you know what works and when it’s time to retire that old college hoodie.

Personal Shopper

We’ll help you shop for looks that fit your style and budget. All you’ll have to do is try on the clothes.
For more information on our image consulting services, please visit our contact page.